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Values additional information in the database name:

  1. ​(NO REFUND) - cards from this database which are not subject to exchange or return!

  2. ​(CHECK IN CART) - cards from this database which cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase!​

We brought in a new function for opening your cards after purchases in "Orders" > "Open", after the activation of this button you will have 5 minutes to use a card or make a replacement in case it's not valid. If you did purchase wanted cards and don't click "Open", you will have 24 hours to open this card or cards, after 24 hours a card or cards are opening by themsleves and you will have 5 minutes to use this card or replace it in case it's invalid.


>На "check" карт дается 5 минут с того момента как купил и открыл карту, для самостоятельного check!
>На "refund" карт дается ровно 15 минут с  момента покупки карты, не больше!
>Если ты купил, но не важно открыл или нет карту, то на ее возврат дается 15 минут с момента её покупки!
>Если у вас проблемы с картами, копируй ее полностью, со всей инфой и присылай сюда, в саппорт, во время(15 min)! 

-Bases (No refund) - продаются "без возврата" и "без check".
-Bases (Check in Cart) - sold "with check" (in cart) but "without refund".
-раздел - No cvv - card without the cvv code! sold without refund, but "check".
-раздел - SSN - содержит ssn&dob only продается без возврата.
-раздел - Dumps - продаются Dumps (track#1&2) на возврат дается не больше суток, с момента его покупки.

>Создал ордер в "Billing", на нашем сайте - дается 15 минут времени, чтобы отправить транзакции. 
>Старайся оплатить во время, а то автоматически баланс не пополнятся!!! 
>Нажми на "PAY"! Отправляй деньги на одноразовый адрес, который будет все время разный, каждый раз при последующих оплатах. 
>После того, как отправил деньги (во время), статус оплаты сменится на "waiting confirmations", 
Жди 3 подтверждения, на баланс пополнится после 3 подтверждений по


>"Check" cards are given 5 minutes since I bought and opened the card to self-check!
>On the "refund" cards are given exactly 15 minutes from the time you purchase the card.
>If you have bought it, but no matter opened or not map, then its return is given 15 minutes after purchasing it!
>If you have problems with the card, copied it completely, with all the info and send it over in a support, during(15 min)! 

-Bases (No refund) - sold "no refund" and "no check".
-Bases (Check in Cart) - sold "with check" (in cart) but "without refund".
-section - No cvv - card without the cvv code! sold without refund, but "check".
-section - SSN includes the ssn&dob only-sold without refund.
-section - Dumps - sell Dumps (track#1&2) refund is not given more than a day since its purchase.

>Create order "Billing" on our website - you will be given 15 minutes of time to send the transaction. 
>Try to pay in time, and then automatically the balance is not replenished!!! 
>Click on "PAY"! Send money to a disposable address, which is all the time different, each time for subsequent payments. 
>After I sent the money (at the time), the payment status will change to "waiting confirmations", 
Wait 3 confirmation, the balance will be replenished after 3 confirmations for